13 settembre 2008


EU Cultural contact points have been established in the Member States and in most of the other countries taking part in the programme. They are responsible for promoting the programme, facilitating the participation of as many cultural professionals as possible, ensuring an exchange of information with national cultural institutions, maintaining contact between the participants in the various Community programmes and a link with the other sources of information on the various Community programmes.
Antenna Culturale Europea
Marcella Mondini
Piazza Castello, 9
I-10123 Torino
Tel. (39) 011 54 72 08
Fax (39) 011 54 82 52
E-mail: info@antennaculturale.it
Website: http://www.antennaculturale.it/

Antenna Culturale Europea
Marco Biscione
Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
Via del Collegio Romano 27
00186 Roma
tel. : +39 06 67232694 / + 39 06 67232608
E-mail : marco.biscione@beniculturali.it
Website: http://www.antennaculturale.it

Tačka kulturnog kontakta Srbija
Lola Joksimović
Zorana Dojić
Center for Study in Cultural Development
Rige od Fere 4
11000 Belgrade
Tel: +381 11 2910 704
Tel/Fax: +381 11 2910 702 / +381 64 666 999 6
E-mail: office@ccp-serbia.org
Website: www.ccp-serbia.org

If you want to learn more about Serbian institution types and credentials, visit http://www.euroeducation.net/prof/yugoco.htm

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