1 ottobre 2008

Aspettando EVE

What is EVE?
It's the electronic platform containing results of projects financed through programmes managed by the European Commission in the fields of Education, Training, Culture, Youth and Citizenship.

Work on the development of the platform is continuing and internal tests with future users have been carried out and highlighted some minor issues to be ironed out. As a result, a more powerful search engine and a more user-friendly interface are being built in.

The first version of EVE will be online in October/November 2008.
The first version of EVE will be online in March 2009.

I found EVE while visiting the page Dissemination and exploitation of results (Education and Culture - EUROPA) where I also found this "Basic Training for SME Accommodation Businesses in Rural Tourism"
This project was developed by a Greek organisation with the aim of adapting and translating the
outcomes of four former Leonardo projects (Women In Tourism, Culture Heritage Tourism, Enterprises and Operational Structures for Employment in the Green Tourism Sector and Hospitality in Agro-tourism) for use in new environments in four (then) accession countries (Slovak Republic, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania). The products of these four projects were analysed, and whenever suitable, they were included in the B-smart training material. The training material adaptation, as well as its practical application and subsequent evaluation were carried out by training organisations in the 4 new member states.

  • Unfortunately, as the time has past, all the material available before has disappeared from the official site. I'll do my best to dig it out again 'cause it was really well done and useful :)

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