1 ottobre 2008

Development of Artistic and Cultural Values of the Rural Region in the Croatian County of Vukovar-Srijem

GIS in the Function of Development of Artistic and Cultural Values of the Rural Region in Vukovar-Srijem County

A project called "A Program of Sustainable Development of the Traditional Crafts, Artistic and Cultural Values, and Ethnic Values of the Rural Region of Babina Greda" was started up in Vukovar Srijem County. Regarding the fact that the woman artist Ana Veric lives in Babina Greda, and that she is an original painter, poetess and ethnographer, who wants to give ali her works of art and her collection that took whole life to summon to the people, in order to promote the cultural and artistic tradition of the region, an idea was born to build an art gallery in Babina Greda
Beside these activities, Babina Greda is famous of its traditional breeding of white hair horses in family households, which is unique in Croatia, and of its traditional crafts, which will ali be embraced in the Project of Development in order to promote the tourism. 
Vukovar Srijem County as a part of the Eastern Croatia has a high-quality contents, cultivated tradition of cultural, artistic and ethnic values, recognizable Slavonian villages and its residents, who are not enough known of. 
With this Project it is supposed to present itself to domestic and foreign tourists so that they could know more about us, our quality of life, work and love for true values. Based on the analysis of the current state in Babina Greda, an investment project was made for the start-up of business activities. An object of the Project is building and organization of the area in order to put the "Art Gallery of Babina Greda" in function. 
Main determinants of the Project are: 

  • Foundation and organization of the permanent setup in the art gallery with the appurtenant ethnographic collection of Ana Veric, famous Croatian original painter, poetess and ethnographer dedicated to the protection of the traditional people's culture of Babina Greda. 
  • Organization of informational and promotional bureau (in the old barber shop) in Babina Greda, in the function of art gallery, connected to the rare personality of woman artist Ana Veric. 
  • Making of computer digitalized tourist guide as a fractal organization connected to digitalized informational body, AGRONET network which is planned for Eastern Croatia and the whole Croatia, and by doing this to promote the art gallery in Babina Greda with its ethnographic collection - "Art Gallery of Babina Greda". 

In the realization of the project included are donation values of Ana Veric, paintings, ethnographic collection and the housing for the gallery, the District of Babina Greda by donation of space for informational and promotional bureau, and the Vukovar Srijem County by donation of funds for arrangement of the devastated rooms in the old barber shop building and by donation of partial funds for finishing of the art gallery in Babina Greda.


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