28 gennaio 2009

A trompe l’oeil budget

How much would it cost to hire a painter?
Often people ask about the fees involved with hiring a professional painter. But, each painting is unique! So, not any question regarding fees can easily find the answer - but most of them can.

Trompe l'oeil is a specialty that requires knowledge of many finishing techniques, sometimes centuries-old, and certainly takes years to master.
The cost depends on painter's training and experience, the complexity of the technique, the cost of the materials, the level of detail requested, the conditions of work...
The higher is the number of layers involved, the higher is the cost. I usually increase the estimate if I have to work on ceilings, because it requires more time.
There are also several ways in which one can charge. The one which is preferred by me is a fixed-fee contract. It is based on different factors, but mostly on my personal estimate about the size of the space, about the hours needed to do the work etc.

It is common practice for a painter to request a retainer fee on signing of the agreement. A retainer fee should be around 15-30% of the total fee and is mostly used to cover the cost of materials. The consultation, as well as the first watercolor sketch, is free of charge, except for the travel expenses.
You want one good advice?
Seek out a trained professional.

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