11 gennaio 2009


Waiting for dinner…

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  1. I love cats and hope that explains a lot. I am unsure if I have come across Tiziano Ferro but will certainly check out those links. Thanks very much. Oh, and finally Ill change the title right away.

  2. Very scary eyes!! Are they of this world??

  3. Hi, Polly!
    They always look like this when they are hungry, that is, often :) but I assure you that they are of this world!
    I have the evidence for that:
    He (Zoky, on the left) is the son, born practically in front of me - on this earth.
    She (Siva) is the mother of few generations of incredibly capable kittens.
    I found her in my vineyard and …
    I realy don’t know where she came from ...
    Now that you've made me think ...
    Brrrrrrr, perhaps she’s realy extraterrestrial !!!
    Nice stripy top; Tiziano also loved stripes!
    I love both Tiziano AND stripes … and also your stripy fashion shot!

  4. Thanks! Glad you like the shot. I had no idea Tiziano liked stripes, now I like stripes even more :)

  5. Thanks for the comment and hope you enjoyed the blues

  6. bellissimi...ho anche io un gatto, siamo inseparabili io ed il mio franky