17 gennaio 2009

Perfect day on Jamendo!

Hello, this is my first music album. It was released in May, 2008 when I uploaded it on Jamendo.
Jamendo is a music platform where you can upload your own music or listen, download and share thousands of albums licensed under Creative Commons licenses.
Then you can place a widget in your blog/site and let people know more about you and your passion for music :)

Album name:
Oh! [the portrait of vanishing love]
Mirna feat. MaxT on acoustic guitar

001 silly dreaming 002 perfect day 003 time 004 questo amore 005 zonzoo

I can recommend these two softwares that I used:

Melody Assistant - for music writing

MAGIX Audio Studio 2006 deLuxe - for mixing and mastering

I hope that you like my music and that my home-made music album may be an incentive to you to use your computer to create music yourself :)

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