26 luglio 2010

TERRA VERDE art farm - art is growing in my garden

Our vegetable garden has reached the period of productivity which provides us with an abundance of fresh products for daily consumption.
il Canestrino, Tomatoberry
The surplus is to be frozen for the coming months and will let us enjoy the fruits of our past work.

Our plot with green beans, onions, leeks, tomatoes (the unusual black Krim tomato included), cucumbers, parsley, chillies, peppers, lettuces and melons was set in the late spring.

The garden has first gone through a period of torrential rain; then the hot and dry summer has arrived.

The vegetables are now growing almost without our help, thanks to the drip irrigation set up on time.

4 commenti:

  1. What a beautiful harvest you'll be having. Enjoy! I know the pleasure of watching food grow; and yes, it is a work of art to behold.

  2. Hello, lakeviewer; thanks.
    I love to spend time in our garden, sitting on the “bench of the gardener” (la panchina dell’ortolano). That’s where I usually take my coffee in the morning, behind the green beans, watching them grow...

  3. Basta Ti je prelepa! Uzivala sam posmatrajuci snimke iz tako daleke a u isto vreme i tako bliske TVOJE Toskane.
    Veliki pozdrav iz hladovine od Radice

  4. Hvala, Radice! Na fotografijama se ne vidi, ali imam i nase ukrasne tikvice u mojoj italijanskoj basti, i ne samo njih. Ja sam ti veliki pristalica interkulturalnog dijaloga pa demokratski gajim i italijansko i ex-jugoslovensko cvece :)