26 marzo 2009

Kikinda - the hidden corner of Serbia

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The North Banat and Tisa region of Serbia spreads at the area of 2.329 km2 on the junction of 3 borders: Serbian, Hungarian and Romanian.
One of the municipalities of the North Banat and Tisa region is Kikinda, also the biggest town and the centre of the region with approx 67.000 inhabitants.

Kikinda has a long tradition in agriculture, mechanical engineering, chemicals, tiles/roof covering materials, food processing...
The hunting tourism is well developed and offers exceptionally rich hunting grounds.
The places of interest are more then few, like one of the last two remaining treadmills (horse-powered dry mills) in Europe, SUVACA;

Un mulino antico, Kikinda, Serbiathe National Museum built in 1839 with archaeological, historical, ethnological and naturalist section;
the remains of mammoth nicked KIKA,

Il mammut Kika di Kikinda
Mammuthus trogontherii, that was discovered in 1996 in "Toza Markovic" bricks and roofing tiles factory, and so on.
Not far from Kikinda you can witness a rare natural phenomenon of Blossoming of Tisa River.
attorno a Kikinda: Palingenia longicauda, la fioritura sul fiume Tisa
It seems like thousands of flowers fluctuate above the water surface; instead it is an insect, Palingenia longicauda, and its love-dance lasts only a few hours every year in the middle of June... or is it 100 years of solitude that I'm seeing?
You can see incredibly big pumpkins during The Pumpkins Day every year in October

Le Giornate della Zucca a Kikinda, Serbia, zucche grandi, autunno
and taste them in various sweet or salty dishes;
Le Giornate della Zucca a Kikinda, Serbia, zucche grandi, autunno, sagra della zucca, banchetto in piazza

My hometown Kikinda, Serbia, has a very special consideration for pumpkins.A bit witty, too. :)
As the area is largely cultivated and very flat with only one hill in the entire municipality (and also the only one that I have ever conquered :D) that is just 5.3m high, the locals use to say:"If you climb on a pumpkin, you get to see the whole region."

Kikinda is culturally and architectonically interesting;
unfortunaly many of its' cultural heritage is being demolished to build a "brand new" apartments.

I’m glad to have at least taken some photos of this architectural details, because this house doesn’t exist anymore…

A friend of mine, Ilija.
(pronounced like "Il y a" in French.
(a bachelor in world literature, speaks several foreign languages, loves the simplicity of rural life and makes a fabulous goat cheese!)

The Global Lives Project is planning a shoot in Eastern Europe in the first quarter of 2009.

Kikinda might be the place to do the shooting ;)
with its secret beauties...
Kikinda online, site (at this time) made by KROJAC web dizajn
as well as The Pumpkins Day photos

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